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I know you’re probably thinking, “not another hair blog”! I know! But here at SlayedbyCedes, we not only provide outstanding service but we give you the necessary tools to be successful in hair and beauty education. How many times have you read a blog or seen a post about a product or service on Instagram and felt like you wasted your money? We all have experienced such tomfoolery. SlayedbyCedes believes in honest essential informations that can change the way you view or see certain products.


Versatile and Always in Style

In my personal opinion, black hair is the holy grail of all hair. We have so much versatility with our look and we are able to achieve what a lot of people can’t. Our hair literally defies gravity! We can go from Afro Chic to Sleek Straight and everything else in between. I created this blog to shed light on topics from my personal perspective. You are not limited by your hair, the possibilities are limitless. I encourage everyone to push the norm and try as many styles as she likes. My mother always told me that it’s not good to switch up your look because that’s how people can tell that their is something going on in your life. (Crazy, right?) Yeah, I’m glad that I’ve always had my own mind and my hair reflects that. My hair is my crown and I love being able to go from a braided ponytail one week to 28″ weave the next. Find the limitless beauty option in your look and don’t be afraid to push the limits. If you want to get color, get color. You want braids, get braids. If you need a stylist on Howard’s campus, hit me up lol.


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The Perfect Curl

As summer is approaching, so is my look. If you ask any of my friends I have a hair schedule (LOL). Seriously, I plan my hairstyles well in advance so I’m never in that “I don’t know what I’m going to do with my hair” phase. My next look for the next two weeks is going to be curly. Curly hair can be tricky. Trying to achieve the perfect curl without looking too greasy or bushy. I’m sure this is the problem that all naturally curly headed people go through on a daily bases. I’ll specifically be talking about how I achieve my curls using Eden products.

I came across this brand by accident actually. I won a backpack full of products as a school panel event (xD). I received shampoo, conditioner, curl define creme, and a cleansing cowash. What I do first is drench the hair in water. Depending on the necessity, I’ll either wash and condition with the shampoo and conditioner or I’ll just use the co wash. After, I take a generous amount of curl define creme and work the product through my entire head. Taking my denman brush, I detangle each section of my hair and define the curl. To soak up the water, I take an old t shirt and wrap my hair. When the water isn’t dripping off the hair anymore you can take the t shirt off and let your hair air dry. If not, you can always use a diffuser.


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Am I allergic to Kanekelon?

If you have ever had braids and you felt like your scalp was covered with itching powder you are not alone. Most, including myself, thought that I was allergic to the kanekelon hair itself. That’s partially true.

Synthetic hair is a great tool used for braids, weaves, twist, and the list goes on. The one thing the folks behind the beauty supply counter don’t tell you is that the synthetic hair is covered in an alkaline based coating that prevents the hair from collecting mold. This is the irritant that affects most people’s scalps. You are not allergic to kanekelon hair and I have a simple solution for you!

Take your synthetic hair and place it in a bucket or bin filled with warm water and a cup of apple cider vinegar. You can see the white coating lifting off of the synthetic hair. Once soaked for maybe 10 minutes, take some warm water and simply rinse the hair and let it air to dry.

Now you’re on your way to an itch free style!



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What’s that smell?

Ladies, has someone ever told you that you had an unpleasant smell coming from your head? This happens more often than not because you may sweat on your head or you just may not know how to properly wash your hair. No one wants to walk around with a smelly head so it’s very important to wash your hair every week (if needed) or once every two weeks. It’s important that when you wash your hair, if you have a weave installed, that you allow your braids underneath to dry completely before styling. This is to ensure that your braids don’t mildew with all of the moisture and heat. Most will sit under a dryer which speeds up the process, or you can let it air dry.


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How to shop for weave

Let me give a disclaimer for all the sensitive sallys out there: This is how (I) shop for (MY) weave 🙂

  • Price

I know a lot of women look for the cheap way out of buying hair but just like any luxury you want in life, you must invest. Trust me, it saves you sooooo much more money in the long run when you pay the initial cost up front. I’ve paid $700+ on hair that last me for 5 years. YES, 5 years! With proper maintenance it is possible ladies.

  • Reviews

I take reviews to a hair company very seriously. As previously stated in the last post, I believe that whatever I pay for I expect to get. So if I’m paying for a luxury I expect nothing less. Hair is one of those things that shouldn’t be a hit or miss. If the bad comments on the hair outweigh the good then you should think twice about buying.

  • Hair Type

Depending on the look I’m going for also determines where I get my hair from. If I want a more textured look, I may look at hair companies who cater to a more natural audience. For instance, Galxy5000 has the best hair for textured looks. It resembles that of African American hair and would blend well with my hair for low heat styles. If I want a more sleek look, I may look elsewhere for a hair company that can cater to that look.

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3A, 4AA, 5AAA, 6AAAA, WTH??

If you have bought hair off of Ali Express or any cheap hair company you probably see them “Grade” hair. (-________-) Please ladies, tell me how are you suppose to grade hair. They use this marketing tactic as a way to get you to buy their new hair when in fact, it’s the exact same as the old hair they were trying to get you to purchase. My theory on buying hair is that it shouldn’t be a hit or miss. If I’m paying my money on something I should be getting just that. If you notice a lot of these companies who are using the grade system are literally putting more A’s at the end of a number to compete with their competition, which makes absolutely no sense. Even after this, it is impossible to distinguish the quality of the hair from this grading system. My advice to you is to STAY AWAY FROM ALI EXPRESS . You will find a lot of people on here using these different grading systems and it will confuse you. Do your research on whatever company you’re trying to purchase from. Lastly, if it sounds too good to be true IT IS.


Hairstylist Highlight!

If you are excited about all the latest and greatest hair trends like myself then you may be acquainted with some of the hairstylists I’ll be featuring on my blog.

  1. Tokyo Stylez


This man right here is the truth and is killing the weave game. I’ve been following him on social media for about 5 years and was hip well before the fame lol. Since he has started working with some of today’s BIGGEST stars his price went up (as it should). On any given day, you’ll see him tagged in posts from Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, and wayyyyyyyy more. He’s known for his amazing wigs and installs and also plays around in hair color. What I also love about him is that he’s not afraid to show his talents to up and coming hairstylist. He often holds classes where you can get a hands on experience with custom wig making, color, and installation techniques. He’s killing the weave game!

I took my sew in out what’s next?

Have you ever taken your install out and immediately washed your hair right after? I hope not! Doing this will result in all of the shed hair to tangle into your hair causing it to “dread up”. It’s necessary to carefully comb out all of the dead hair prior to wetting it. Why? Because I’m sure you don’t want it to look like this….tangle

Again! Once you have removed the weave from your hair take some time to really moisturize and detangle your hair PRIOR to washing. This will save you time and the agony from having to cut your precious hair.