Closure? Frontal? 360?

When it comes to hair, there are three things that I will not do. Will NOT install a closure, frontal, or a 360 frontal and here is why…

What exactly is a closure?

A hair closure is a hair illusion piece that is suppose to resemble hair growing from the scalp. This can be used in wigs or sew ins. My problem with this is that it looks terrible. lol. I’m not trying to hurt anyones feelings but even I had to experience such a travesty for myself to know that we should not put this on our heads. Now, a wig closure maybe…but please ladies lets not play ourselves with installing these things in a sew in. Not only do these bad boys shed, once your hair starts growing underneath, your closure grows with it. Meaning that WE CAN SEE THAT SIS. uryte8er.jpg(Sorry Yandy girl, you are not exempt)

Now from bad to worst…

If a closure isn’t bad enough, we are moving onto the frontal. Which is just an even bigger closure. My issue with frontals is that it’s not for the everyday girl looking for new style. In my personal opinion, frontals are for celebrities or anyone who has a traveling stylist or someone who can maintain them every week or two weeks. Far too many times, I see girls on Howard’s campus with frontals that look a hot ass mess. If you don’t have the money to maintain this thing, DO.NOT.DO.IT.maxresdefault.jpg

Moving right along from worst to tragic…

If a closure and frontal hasn’t scared you, a 360 frontal will.

So imagine a closure which is about 4 inches, and a frontal which is about 13 inches to a 360 frontal which covers the circumference of your head. Please spare all stylist the agony. Just add the problems listed about and multiply it by about 10. Now it just looks like you’re wearing a hoodie on your head. Sis, this is not cute. Not only are you jeopardizing your hair by having to put glue and product on it, you are also jeopardizing your skin. I have seen far too many young girls with receding hair lines and they constantly install these closures, frontals, and 360s and its just emasculating the issue. In order to get these bad boys to lay down you must dowse your forehead and even the hair with glue. I’ve even seen stylist use products with alcohol directly on the skin just to get them to lay down and look realistic. Don’t get me wrong, they may look good on instagram, but I can guarantee you that they look crazy in person.Image result for 360 frontal

Ladies, lets stop sacrificing our hairlines for likes on social media! Everything that looks good isn’t always good for you!



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