Is my weave really Brazilian?

Far too many times I hear girls boast about their hair being from all these exotic places: Brazil, Peru, Malaysia. I even hear about Eurasian and Burmese hair. So whats the truth? Where are we really sourcing the hair we put in our weaves?

Let me tell you ladies…if a company is promoting all of these different hair types to you, they are lying.

Majority of human hair that is used in extensions comes from India and China. Both continents are heavily populated and are the only places in the world that could produce enough hair to meet supply and demand. In fact, religious people from all over India will make pilgrimages to different temples and shave their heads in a ritual of devotion. Hundreds of thousands of people do this everyday. Barbers leave the temples covered in mass amounts of hair and use the strands to sell at auction.


Human Hair is a billion dollar industry and best believe these sellers are taking advantage of all of you women who don’t know a thing about weave. The biggest scam is in the beauty supply stores. They bring in Chinese hair and call it any appeasing name in the book to convince you to buy. Most times, they take “fallen hair” which is basically scrap hair and they mix it in with Chinese hair and label it as Peruvian, Indonesian, and Brazilian hair.

Really sis…

What is the likelihood of finding someone of European and Asian decent and producing that hair in mass amounts? Or even Brazilian? Its extremely unlikely.



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