Naturals BEWARE!

Ladies, think twice about getting that silk press or blow out from these dominican or “natural” salons. Since I do hair I come into contact with a lot of different women from all over the US. One girl in particular was wearing a wig and was very uncomfortable when I asked about the state of her hair underneath. She told me that her natural hair was flourishing until she visited a salon and requested a silk press. She adds that her hair was beautiful after however when it was time to wash her hair it not only didn’t return to its natural curl pattern, it was falling out. After a normal silk press your hair should revert back to its natural state, unless it is manipulated chemically. I’ve read stories about stylist who sneak relaxer into the shampoo when washing natural ladies hair to make straightening their hair easier for them. Its terrible I KNOW! I felt so bad because I know that for women our hair is our crown and this young lady in particular was ashamed and hid behind wigs. So again, make sure you do your research before going to any salon and maybe bring in your own products to ensure that said events don’t happen the next time you want a blow out or silk press.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 2.44.27 PM


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