3A, 4AA, 5AAA, 6AAAA, WTH??

If you have bought hair off of Ali Express or any cheap hair company you probably see them “Grade” hair. (-________-) Please ladies, tell me how are you suppose to grade hair. They use this marketing tactic as a way to get you to buy their new hair when in fact, it’s the exact same as the old hair they were trying to get you to purchase. My theory on buying hair is that it shouldn’t be a hit or miss. If I’m paying my money on something I should be getting just that. If you notice a lot of these companies who are using the grade system are literally putting more A’s at the end of a number to compete with their competition, which makes absolutely no sense. Even after this, it is impossible to distinguish the quality of the hair from this grading system. My advice to you is to STAY AWAY FROM ALI EXPRESS . You will find a lot of people on here using these different grading systems and it will confuse you. Do your research on whatever company you’re trying to purchase from. Lastly, if it sounds too good to be true IT IS.



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