How to shop for weave

Let me give a disclaimer for all the sensitive sallys out there: This is how (I) shop for (MY) weave 🙂

  • Price

I know a lot of women look for the cheap way out of buying hair but just like any luxury you want in life, you must invest. Trust me, it saves you sooooo much more money in the long run when you pay the initial cost up front. I’ve paid $700+ on hair that last me for 5 years. YES, 5 years! With proper maintenance it is possible ladies.

  • Reviews

I take reviews to a hair company very seriously. As previously stated in the last post, I believe that whatever I pay for I expect to get. So if I’m paying for a luxury I expect nothing less. Hair is one of those things that shouldn’t be a hit or miss. If the bad comments on the hair outweigh the good then you should think twice about buying.

  • Hair Type

Depending on the look I’m going for also determines where I get my hair from. If I want a more textured look, I may look at hair companies who cater to a more natural audience. For instance, Galxy5000 has the best hair for textured looks. It resembles that of African American hair and would blend well with my hair for low heat styles. If I want a more sleek look, I may look elsewhere for a hair company that can cater to that look.

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