The Perfect Curl

As summer is approaching, so is my look. If you ask any of my friends I have a hair schedule (LOL). Seriously, I plan my hairstyles well in advance so I’m never in that “I don’t know what I’m going to do with my hair” phase. My next look for the next two weeks is going to be curly. Curly hair can be tricky. Trying to achieve the perfect curl without looking too greasy or bushy. I’m sure this is the problem that all naturally curly headed people go through on a daily bases. I’ll specifically be talking about how I achieve my curls using Eden products.

I came across this brand by accident actually. I won a backpack full of products as a school panel event (xD). I received shampoo, conditioner, curl define creme, and a cleansing cowash. What I do first is drench the hair in water. Depending on the necessity, I’ll either wash and condition with the shampoo and conditioner or I’ll just use the co wash. After, I take a generous amount of curl define creme and work the product through my entire head. Taking my denman brush, I detangle each section of my hair and define the curl. To soak up the water, I take an old t shirt and wrap my hair. When the water isn’t dripping off the hair anymore you can take the t shirt off and let your hair air dry. If not, you can always use a diffuser.


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