Versatile and Always in Style

In my personal opinion, black hair is the holy grail of all hair. We have so much versatility with our look and we are able to achieve what a lot of people can’t. Our hair literally defies gravity! We can go from Afro Chic to Sleek Straight and everything else in between. I created this blog to shed light on topics from my personal perspective. You are not limited by your hair, the possibilities are limitless. I encourage everyone to push the norm and try as many styles as she likes. My mother always told me that it’s not good to switch up your look because that’s how people can tell that their is something going on in your life. (Crazy, right?) Yeah, I’m glad that I’ve always had my own mind and my hair reflects that. My hair is my crown and I love being able to go from a braided ponytail one week to 28″ weave the next. Find the limitless beauty option in your look and don’t be afraid to push the limits. If you want to get color, get color. You want braids, get braids. If you need a stylist on Howard’s campus, hit me up lol.


#SlayedbyCedes #Hair #Beauty #Extensions #Afro #Style #DChair #Weave #DMVstylist


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