What are protective hairstyles?

Anytime your coily ends are tucked away, you are wearing a protective style. I say this because the ends of your hair are the most fragile and must be taken care of in order to retain length. Black women in particular have so much versatility when it comes to hair because of protective hairstyles. Some of my favorite protective styles are braids. They are low maintenance and do not require a lot of manipulation. With braids you don’t have to worry about applying heat to your hair. With low manipulation hairstyles, hair growth is not too far behind.

Popular protective hairstyles:

  • Box-Braids
  • Cornrows
  • Two-Strand twist
  • Three strand twist
  • Marley Twist
  • Havana Twist
  • Faux Locs
  • Sew Ins
  • Senegalese braids/twist
  • Buns
  • Top Knot
  • Pig tails
  • and the list goes on….


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How tight is too tight?

Ladies, I know when you go for an install (sew-in) or braids, you want to make sure that it’s really secure and in there.{ Especially for the freaks 😉 } However, did you know you can cause long term damage to your hair follicle?

Signs that your hair is too tight:

  1. You start getting those little white bumps around your edgesbraids
  2. They braid all your edges 😩


3. Your hair is actually falling out


Every good stylist knows that the hair around your edges are different from the hair on the rest of your hair and must be treated carefully. If you notice that your hair is pulling especially around the edges then its important to take it out. No hair style is worth you losing your hair over. Sew ins and braids are called “protective styles” for a reason, they are to meant protect your hair underneath.


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Naturals BEWARE!

Ladies, think twice about getting that silk press or blow out from these dominican or “natural” salons. Since I do hair I come into contact with a lot of different women from all over the US. One girl in particular was wearing a wig and was very uncomfortable when I asked about the state of her hair underneath. She told me that her natural hair was flourishing until she visited a salon and requested a silk press. She adds that her hair was beautiful after however when it was time to wash her hair it not only didn’t return to its natural curl pattern, it was falling out. After a normal silk press your hair should revert back to its natural state, unless it is manipulated chemically. I’ve read stories about stylist who sneak relaxer into the shampoo when washing natural ladies hair to make straightening their hair easier for them. Its terrible I KNOW! I felt so bad because I know that for women our hair is our crown and this young lady in particular was ashamed and hid behind wigs. So again, make sure you do your research before going to any salon and maybe bring in your own products to ensure that said events don’t happen the next time you want a blow out or silk press.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 2.44.27 PM


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Black Boys are Naturals Too.

The natural hair community much like most beauty markets are centered around women. As more and more men choose to grow out their hair the need for male-centered hair care becomes more apparent. YouTubers like WillOnAWhim have cornered the market and are offering some much needed tips to Men of color who are too on their natural hair journey. Men remember to keep your hair moisturized, protected and knot-free, soon you will be on your way to a mane fit for a king.

man froNatural-Hair-Styles-for-Men



Wrap it up, ladies! Today we are talking about the head wrap craze that has taken over the style scene.  Head wraps are no longer just a style for when you are in between hair appointments and you are searching for a way to conceal your undone do. Headwraps are a “Done Do.” Women are now reaching back to the age old tradition of wrapping their heads in cloth adornments like our ancestors from the continent. Much like the traditional Gele headwraps these garments are beautifully designed and can elevate any look to a regal status. So next time you are having a lazy hair day or you just want  to feel like a queen with a crown, make sure you check out these modern head wrap styles.


Spring Time: Hair Trends

The beginning of spring marks the beginning of warm weather hair trends in the Black Girl World.   Women are shedding their wigs and weaves and opting for more breathable styles to combat the heat, and also show off their length that was retained after a long winter wearing protective styles. We can look to see hair inspired by the season. Bright colors to match the blooms on the trees. Lots of floral hair embellishments, and long flowing locs. This season will not disappoint, and neither will the manes of stylish Black women all around the globe.

Back to Our Roots

Braids have always been a thing, but more recently women have been proudly wearing bold braid styles out. Celebrities such as Beyonce, Solange, Nicki Minaj, Gabrielle Union, and myself (lol) have all not been afraid to rock such a bold style. Here are some of my favorite braid styles…



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Edges…& lack there of…

Just like relationships and ponytails, if its not there don’t force it.

Can we talk about this baby hair movement? So many times I see women trying to achieve this “baby hair look” and its not working. Baby hairs are defined as the fine hair thats located on the perimeter of your head. Usually, when styled correctly they will look like this:


On the other hand, you have forced edges that look like this:


If you find yourself gelling down your actual hair and swooping it to the side just stop. Lets leave the baby hairs to actual babies 🙂

Favorite Hair Companies

Here is a list of some of my favorite hair companies!!

  1. Galaxy5000 Extensions
  2. Extensions Plus
  3. HairImports
  4. UpperEchelon Beauty Palace


I’m so serious, I see so many girls fall for the okidoke and buy hair from ali express because bundles are 3 for $20. These deals are enticing and companies know that you will take the bait. You also have to be aware of some of these Instagram pages selling hair because 9/10 they are buying bundles in bulk off of Ali Express and selling them to you. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Look at it this way, hair is an investment. If you invest in good hair, you end up saving so much money in the long run. When I started wearing weaves I purchased hair from Extensions Plus. I probably fronted about $600+ but the hair lasted me for 5 years. YES 5 YEARS. Now imagine buying crap hair for $200 each install. Now the average weave wearer keeps hair in for about 2 months. So we’re looking at $1200 per year spent on hair alone. Be smart with your money!!!

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